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Shipping a container to Peru may seem like a daunting exercise to those who have never used the services of a container freight company before. What is the procedure? How much will it cost? Will my personal goods arrive at their destination safely? These are some of the questions people ask. Briefly, this is the procedure that shipping a container to Peru goes through.

Container shipping companies are the go-between between the customer or "shipper" and the other companies and institutions that are involved in the shipping of a container to Peru. The first contact the shipper will make, therefore, will be with a container freight company. With many years of experience behind it, the company should be able to make the whole procedure stress-free for the shipper.

The word "should" in the previous paragraph is the key word. Not all container shipping companies are equally good. Some of the cheaper companies are only cheap because they cut corners that should not be cut. They may not take proper precautions with the "stuffing" of a container and hire incompetent workers who do not secure the household goods properly in the container. They may send the container to Peru on the cheapest vessel available - one that may not leave the U.S. port until it is finally filled to capacity or may be stalled in a foreign port enroute due to repairs or customs irregularities.

While these problems are rare, it is in the shipper's interest to get several container shipping quotes from a variety of container freight companies. Then after making a price comparison, they should check online and find out if any complaints have been made against the company or even the owner of the vessel it has contracted to ship their container to Peru with. Sometimes even reputable container shipping companies choose vessels that may not be as ideal as the customer would like. If this is the case, the consumer always has the option to choose another company to ship their container to Peru.

It is often possible to ship 20 foot container of household goods. A small container like this will hold the contents of a good sized apartment or 2 bedroom house. The great thing about a container to Peru of this size is that it can be transported by road to the customer's door. Called "Door-to-Door" shipping, this is the most convenient way to ship household goods.

The container freight company will use its own staff or a subcontractor to take the container to the home. Then there are other available options for the shipper. They can let the company handle everything for them, including packing up the household goods. If they wish to save money, they can buy their own cardboard boxes and other packing materials and pack-up their own household goods. They can save even more money if they choose to "stuff" or load the container their self.

Once the container to Peru is stuffed, the container freight company will handle all the rest of the details. Whether they choose to pick up their personal goods at the port in Peru or have them delivered to their door, within a few weeks, or in some cases up to a month or a little more, they will have their belonging at their new home - safe and sound.

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Container Ports in Peru

There are 6 Container Ports in Peru: Port of Callao, Port of Ilo, Port of Matarani, Port of Paita, Port of Salaverry, Port of San Juan

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